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BUI enables advisors to employ life insurance, long term care insurance, and annuity products to address their clients’ wealth transfer and protection concerns. From simple income replacement transactions to complicated business and estate planning issues, BUI works with advisors to reduce overhead, earn more compensation and make objective, professional presentations to their clients.

BUI’s was experiencing issues with some functionality of their existing website.  Specifically, their web services provider, SuranceBay,  implemented changes that made Single Sign On (SSO) difficult for some of BUI’s vendor sites.  Their existing WordPress update was running in the middle of the day, and causing their site to shut down.  BUI was also looking to add functionality for users to have the ability to view Lincoln Financial policies via a link, direct from their website.

LCG  provided SSO integration of Surance Bay, remedy the WordPress update procedure and create functionality for Lincoln Financial to allow policy look-up directly from the BUI website.

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20 November