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About Us

Founded in 1994, LCG Technologies is a technology firm that focuses on mid-market businesses to help them do what they do… only better! LCG’s primary focus is on helping our clients solve unique business challenges by giving them the tools they need and implementing mission critical processes that will set them apart from their competition. We recognize the fact that technology, when properly designed and implemented, can be a key ingredient to the success of a business. Therefore, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs and to work with them to ensure the proper technology solutions are smoothly integrated into their operations. LCG adheres to a strict corporate principle that we are committed to successful long-term relationships with our clients. We continually direct our efforts to help our clients achieve both immediate and long-term results. We employ business oriented, highly skilled individuals and commit ourselves to partner with our clients to accomplish this. Consequently, we at LCG have been able to greatly exceed our clients’ expectations with both our level of performance and the results we deliver.

We continue to maintain strong “partner” relationships with our clients and consistently maintain a view that our clients’ success is the most important ingredient for our own success. Those ideals, coupled with an adherence to a strict project methodology, have fueled our growth over the past 18 years and enabled our clients to be the best at what they do.