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Business Anywhere. What does Business Anywhere mean? Technology is changing the shape of business. Your business is where you are—wherever you may be. You can access your information, get work done, and collaborate with your team from virtually anywhere, on your favorite device. Do your best work anywhere and be confident it is protected. Today, more people than ever are working outside the office, on a range of mobile devices. To keep up with the speed of business, employees need to access their work and connect with their teams wherever they go. People today expect to have flexibility in where and when they work—so much so that this can even be a differentiator in attracting and retaining the best employees. BUSINESS WITHOUT WALLS... Microsoft solutions for business enable your team to work together anywhere, with the same familiar experience across PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. Whether you are collaborating on important business documents, meeting with your team, or connecting with customers and partners, Microsoft uniquely offers a consistent, familiar platform for expanding the boundaries of your business.


Create the power and flexibility to run your business anywhere. LCG works with clients to find the best cloud solution to meet their specific needs.


Founded in 1994, LCG Technologies Corp. (LCG) delivers technology-based solutions that help companies strategically develop, integrate and align technology to improve their business.  We have a long history of Enterprise Application delivery and a tenured staff of full-time, local employees. We have been based in Baltimore County, Maryland for more than twenty (20) years.

LCG’s extensive experience with large business applications has enabled us to provide extraordinary results in our focused industries of Insurance and Financial Services. Through our custom solutions, we help our clients improve financial controls, restore data integrity, ensure compliance and facilitate proper positioning for expansion and growth in product innovation.

Our solutions are used by some of the nation’s largest insurance and financial services firms…

LCG’s solutions enable insurers and other financial services firms to effectively and efficiently automate manual processes and provide seamless integration with internal systems and external data sources to ensure that compliance obligations are being met, and properly monitored.

  • Services (platform) and Products
  • To support IMO’s, MGA’s and Agents
  • Payment Processing, Financial Reporting and Business analytics