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LIBRA Insurance Partners

About This Project

LIBRA Insurance Partners (LIBRA) was using a previously designed software application to calculate bonus amounts due to their agents.  This application is one of the critical business processes for LIBRA, and was experiencing major performance issues.  In addition to the performance issues, the application was highly inefficient as it required a high degree manual intervention to process the agent bonuses.


LIBRA asked LCG evaluate their existing application and then implement a robust solution that would (i) remove the existing performance issues, (ii) significantly reduce the amount of manual intervention necessary to execute the Bonus Calculation process, and (iii) ensure that there is adequate documentation to support the new solution.


LCG designed and developed a new Bonus Calculation solution, implementing the Bonus Calculation functionality into a new module that eliminated timely manual functionality from the work process, upgraded to a .NET framework, includes runtime visibility and error logging.

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Bonus Calculation Application

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